Katahdin Art Project

"A beautiful way to show your support"

Installment Plan

   While developing this project we had a very strong desire to make this available to all members of the trail community.  After brainstorming potential approaches, we at Image Pathways came up with the installment payment plan.  By utilizing this option, the possibility of owning the Katahdin Art Project can become a reality for most people.  With some minor adjustments, even the tightest budgets can squeeze in the monthly payment of $30.
    The monthly installment plan is available only for the Memorial Edition.  Please note the Memorial Edition exactly the same as the Signed Edition except for Earl's handwritten signature.  For the Memorial Edition the signature cards were first printed from engraved metal plates with Earl's life span dates and then Bart signed and numbered the cards.  Everything else in the two styles is identical. 


Your total investment for the  Memorial Edition Installment Plan: $310
$150 for production costs
$100 for donation
$ 30 for shipping and handling
$ 30 for installment plan set up fee

The $100 donation  will be disbursed in one of two ways:
 Plan A
$50  Earl Shaffer Foundation
$50  AT Museum Society
$20    Hiking Club Pool

Plan B
$35  Earl Shaffer Foundation
$35  AT Museum Society
$50  Local Club Chapters

$30 Installment Payment Fee
   Of this additional  $30.00 fee Crest Photography Inc will only keep $10.00 to pay for our bookkeeping costs.
Plan A
The $20 will go into a pool which will be divided among hiking clubs that request to be involved.
Plan B
The $20.00 will be combined with the $30 donation for a total donation of $50 to the specified local club.

$30 for shipping and handling
Covers the sending of the Katahdin Art Project anywhere in the USA.

The Win, Win, Win Approach to Fundraising    
We at Image Pathways realize there are not many opportunities available which allows the buyer to make time payments and a charitable donation while investing in a beautiful memento from one of the trail’s pioneers. We feel that the individuals that make up core membership of the various hiking clubs along the Appalachian Trail have a sense of kinship to Earl Shaffer. Please consider sharing some of your earnings with us in exchange for a little piece of Earl's spirit.
    We see the installment plan for the Memorial Edition as the ultimate approach to raising money for the Earl Shaffer Foundation and the maintaining the Appalachian Trail Museum.  With the standard Memorial Edition purchase the hiking clubs receive $30. For those who use the installment plan your donation to the hiking club of your choice will also include $20 of the $30 setup fee for a total donation of $50.00.
Your $310 purchase will also qualify for a federal income tax credit of $120 if you itemize your deductions. So the true total of your out of pocket costs for the actual art work is $190!

Please Print, sing and return the: Sales Contract for Installment Payments




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