Katahdin Art Project

"A beautiful way to show your support"



We have a Desire to Give
By utilizing our talents, we first hope to raise awareness, in creative ways, of overlooked aspects of the natural world we live in. Secondly, for organizations dealing with these aspects, we want to develop new streams of revenue. We realize we are not personally responsible for finding financial solutions to non-profit agencies’ inadequate resources. Yet on the other hand, we are willing to step forward and persist in our attempts to facilitate a “win, win, win” approach to fundraising. The basic premise involves a collective approach; our images, in a unique format, with a purchase price that includes a generous donation, bought by patrons. We see it as a beautiful way to endow financial support.

We Cultivate Life with our Dreams
Bart loves to hike and photograph. Bridgie loves to create and implement large projects. We both have a heartfelt connection to nature and people. Taking these God given talents, we have always focused on self-development. Our overall aspiration is to live a lifestyle that is both comfortable and challenging. We wish to share Bart’s work with the world. To enhance the natural beauty of his artwork, we have also developed a business strategy, which allows us to share a large amount of the profits with worthwhile organizations.

We Believe in Ourselves
Anything is possible, perhaps not in the original form imagined, but rather in an evolved configuration. What others might consider as failure, we see as a new opportunity to adapt. From firsthand experience, the both of us have observed many times over that success goes hand in hand with a heartfelt conviction that success is possible. Our belief in a good orderly direction, which we choose to think of as God, is the tenet that bestows our confidence.

We Focus on the Big Picture
Too often, life resembles a mosaic viewed up close. Given time and distance, what we call perseverance, the wondrous scene unfolds itself. This long-range focus is how a hospital audio-visual coordinator and a critical care nurse, meeting at a nursing conference combined energies while Walking down a Dream. Other people’s beliefs were great for them, but we chose our own reality. Together we have created a joyous marriage, marvelous photographic images from around the world, coffee table books, matted pictures, the Katahdin Art Project and ultimately completed the largest photographic endeavor ever untaken by an individual. The best part of it all is that we have had a lot of fun. Please feel free to join us in our journey…

Bart & Bridgie.


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